At PlayersPromotion we believe that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we choose to share our core values with you.



We activate our athletes as ambassadors for children’s health and sports safety. These partnerships help to build a solid foundation.

Social Media

We maximize our client’s social media potential by providing fans with exclusive content from our client’s career and life. We interface with our fans and create the need from the fans to attach to our players and follow them unconditionally.


Our agency and our clients recognize the vital importance of social responsibility in our community. We constantly work to align our clients with endorsements that complement the messages and ideals that our clients stand for as athletes and role models.

Multimedia Development

We work with clients to build an image and reputation that the public can relate to and support. We explore the entertainment industry through our deep strategic relationships to maximize our clients’ interests and talents well beyond the soccer field.

Executive Partnership

We align our clients with major brands, where they act as partners or creative directors to promote their vision and brand. Our clients combine the hard work they’ve put into their professional careers with their creative talent, vision and experience to create their own lasting legacy.

Own Brand

The golden goal of athlete brand development is the establishment of their own independent brand, their personal and professional legacy.

Creating quality content to promote a player’s career is important.

Our expert team of filmmakers and photographers is constantly creating content to promote the players’ value for advertisers and fans. It is important to diversify, so we also create marketing material and other accompanying products to get the best out of the player’s status in the wider community.


Customize an Autograph Card

At PlayersPromotion we believe that every athlete is different, which is why we are making autograph cards for our athletes by our selves. This makes them unique, hard to get for the fans, and they are really something special on the market. Behind every photo there is a team of dedicated professionals analysing every single detail to bring the best out of an athlete on the PlayersPromotion’s autograph card. Follow us and you will be able to get these unique autograph cards real soon…


Jan Oblak X Benedetti Life

The outstanding collaboration with World-class goalkeeper
Jan Oblak is of utmost importance, not only for the fields of fashion and
football, but also because of raising awareness and the message that we
carry to the world together.


JO - Jan Oblak

The final result of the six-step approach is the player’s own brand. Our design team, in cooperation with the player, created a stylish logo to go along with the brand. It is easily adaptable to any merchandise and ready to be used to its full potential.


Making a Promo Video

With our team of dedicated experts we create videos and other content to further increase the value a player can give. We choose locations based on the players’ preferences and do our best to create only the best.



Kozana, excellence and beauty in every taste. The best Chardonnay from a single vineyard from the village Kozana. Two stories are combined in one with one goal: that PlayersPromotion’s Kozana brand is presented to the world. It is already known as the brand of the highest quality from inside out. PlayersPromotion brought to the world one of the best products wine brand can offer.

Club Del Deportista

Lifestyle Luxury Group