Colour Your Playground


The project’s goals are to increase the quality of children’s everyday activities and to bring them back to the abandoned playgrounds. What is more, PlayersPromotion, strives to globally reunite all generations using sport games on the revitalized playgrounds.

This time we chose to completely renew the basketball court and the nearby playing surfaces in the Debeli Rtič Youth and Health Resort that is owned by the Slovenian Red Cross organization.

This project was different from what we were used to do before. Among others, it also involved children that received help during the PlayWithUs initiative. This is how we helped them feel the spirit of holidays for the first time. The participating children joined their strength with the local children and helped restore the playgrounds for the future generations that will be enjoying their vacations in Debeli Rtič Youth and Health Resort.

We must thank to more than 300 children who helped renew 1500 square meters and who expressed their creativity based on the design of street artist Nenad Cizl this April.

Founder of the PlayersPromotion foundation, Marinka Mlakar expressed her enthusiasm using the following words:

“Being involved in this project fills me with love and passion for our work. So many happy faces of children that we met during our mission, confirm that we are doing the right thing. We are here to contribute for our children, community and the entire society.”