Colour Your Playground
On 9 October 2017, 1000 square metres of art came under the brushes of children with special needs and made into something great for the whole neighbourhood.

And with our common goal of helping people, we were able to get Cristiano Ronaldo to help out, giving away his signed Real Madrid shirt for charity. The Slovenian national radio station Val 202, which runs the Sponsorship in Slovenia, was quick to respond and take up the auction. Thanks to all the funds raised at the auction, 65 children experienced a wonderful summer. Most importantly, these kids today sit in their schools with great memories of their summer holidays.
The project Colour Your Playground is created under the aegis of the PlayersPromotion Agency.

The aim of the project is to raise children's standards by making their daily life more attractive by changing their surroundings and by encouraging them back into the ever-lonelier and empty playground.

Furthermore, with sport’s games, we wish to join together all generations across the world on rejuvenated playgrounds.
As every story has its beginning, the PlayersPromotion Agency is starting its own right here in Slovenia, as we believe that it is correct to get involved right here, at the very beginning.

Jan Oblak is a member of the PlayersPromotion Agency, the main Ambassador of the PlayersPromotion Foundation and the only reason why we brought the story to Škofja Loka, to the Ločan Škofja Loka Football Club grounds, as it was here where Jan Oblak made his first sporting steps (just as his father before him).
Alongside PlayersPromotion, the project has been actively joined by the Jela Janežič Primary School and the Sožitje Škofja Loka Association (who look after the safe transportation of children with special needs, of which (it is important to add) Jan Oblak's parents are also members).
As we are very colourful creatures, actively and passively responsive to colours, we came up with the idea that with the aid of street artist Nenad Cizl, we could colour pre-drawn sketches/templates on the basketball and soccer grounds.
Children with special needs from the Jela Janežič Primary School played a major role in the changes to the grounds on Monday 9 October 2017, which will brighten up the everyday life of the children and entice them back into the playground.