Partnership with OnkoMan

Our partnership with OnkoMan was a decision we made through several personal life experiences we had. Oncology and men’s health in particular are the topics we want to inform the public about.

We want to raise awareness and act before it is too late. We want to show to the world that you are a man and real athlete if you care for your health and yourself and you talk and aware. We want to talk to the public and address the public before it is too late.

PlayersPromotion has the power to address public, and OnkoMan has experience and knowledge.
Together we can make life easier for patients and people around them.
This is our goal, and this is our way for long-term cooperation.
Become the part of our mission, PlayersPromotion – OnkoMan mission.
Jaka Jakopič is the frontman of PlayersPromotion OnkoMan Mission. Find out more in the interview and live stories.

You cannot be lucky if you’re not healthy. You cannot enjoy wealth if you are not healthy. It’s also hard to kiss if you’re not healthy. But when you’re healthy again, you can do everything. And we will show and prove that we can move the borders together, even those in our heads. Therefore, you are kindly invited to meet us, and join us on a common path.

The purpose of the OnkoMan is to inform people about health and prevention, to provide self-help (regardless of membership), to develop volunteer work, to inform people about their rights, to draw attention to health issues and to contribute to the overall rehabilitation of patients.
Find out our stories in the videos below:

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Onkoman Projects


The Players Promotion has once again offered their helping hand to the ONKOMAN Society by raising awareness of testicle cancer.


Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about